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Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES

Each response is to be specific to the original post of the individual to whom you are responding (in other words, you cannot post the same thing for each response). Each response should be a thoughtful reflection of the original post. In other words, simply saying “good idea” is not sufficient. Your replies should incorporate terminology and details from the readings and presentation.

Tips: Be sure to…

  • be supportive and affirming in your responses
  • individualize each response

TOPIC: Parents usually place a priority on their children learning to read and write. Explain to them how you will incorporate language and literacy in your classroom in a developmentally appropriate manner. What will you say when they request their child do worksheets? Be sure to address both literacy and language development and activities. This post should consist of the ideas and concepts presented in the reading and presentations.

*********Refer back to the assignment called “Child Development Assignment due Thursday June 11, 2020 “  Your replies must be consistent with the course material (readings and presentation)************ (LINK BELOW)

Student #1 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES!!!

I would inform the parents that our program is a literacy rich environment for the preschool children that is developmentally appropriate to their age level. We look into what curriculum would benefit the children in our program looking at their needs and interest as well. We develop a curriculum and set individual goals that will help enhance each of our children in our program. The curriculum that we use it integrates language and literacy activities through out all the classroom areas. All that of our activities that are out in the classroom have a purpose of what knowledge the children will attain to enhance their learning skills.

For example as we read to the children books we introduce the tittle page and as we read the books pointing to the words that say the word. Children are engaged in the stories by predicting what is going to happen. We also have dictating stories and children are been model how to write words as their dictating their stories. During story times children are learning new vocabulary words and letters. Also children learn to recognize their name in many areas of the classroom in which they have to find their name cards to sit, for lunch, or in the morning as they arrive they have to find their name and once the children are ready to move on they will write their name when they arrive to school. Not only they start recognizing their name but they also start recognizing their classmates names too. Some of the popular classroom areas have a waiting list to take turns and the children have to write their name in the list so they can have a turn. We also have the areas of the classroom labeled. Children learn that the print all over in our classroom have a meaning and they began to recognize some of the letter of the areas. We learn about letters in the alphabet as we sing and play through out the day. Sometimes  I add letters of the alphabet in the water table and the children are fishing letters. Once they catch the letter we name that letter. We learn the letter sounds as we sing riddles that rhyme and read books about nursery rhymes or as we are out side jumping the hopscotch. We talked about sounds as the children are engaging in doing activities that foster this area of development. This is how we incorporate this rich literacy environment in a fun and in an appropriate way to the children. Also if the children is interested in doing more witting we will add more activities so they can have more opportunities for writing. 

Student #2 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES!!!


I will explain to parents that there are many ways we incorporate language and literacy in our classroom. For example, labeling every area in our class exposes children to learn how words are writing while learning to read them—providing a variety of visual books so that children can create their own stories based on the pictures. Creating games about finding a letter or words according to their sounds around the classroom will help them develop their phonological awareness more. Providing word bank or word walls are beneficial to children. Besides, The word wall should include sight words since they need to memorize sight words.
Furthermore, in my school, we have movable alphabets with small mats and pictures, so children say the name of the image and try to sound it out and put each letter on the mat-forming the words. I love this activity because it is an excellent transition to writing. They can show what they know and can do; This will be one of the explanations. I will give to parents why worksheets are not as effective as they are applying their knowledge. We also use primary phonics books and activities where children practice the sounds of the letters and think about different words starting with the same sound. We ask children comprehension questions to verify their knowledge. Another transition we incorporate for children to write is the sandpaper letters, where they trace each letter with their finger and trace it in the sandbox. Furthermore, Then dictation and inventive spelling are good techniques to encourage writing. Also, doing activities where we provide a topic, and they illustrate their writing.

Student #3 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.  NO WORK CITED PAGES!!!

If parents expressed their priority to have me teach their preschool child to read and write and wanted to see her child bring home written worksheets, I would answer them with the following response. 

Your child is developing the skills to read and write every day he comes to school. Young children at this age need to have developmentally appropriate curriculum that will help develop their cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills that they will use for the rest of their life. Preschool is where your child will receive the foundational principles to be a great reader and writer later. 

At our school we provide language and literacy development with purpose. We are intentional with the lessons we prepare so children begin to understand language and the way we communicate in this world. There is meaning behind the books we read to your child. They help your child learn phonology (which is the sounds letters make) and semantics (which is the meaning conveyed in words) and syntax (which is sentence construction). These are important components in language development because they help children understand what and why we write. 

Another very important base need for language development is to have conversation with others. They need to be talked to and need to talk to others. As they play with other students, they are learning how to tell a story. This will help them develop the skills for sequencing. They will know a story has a beginning, middle and end to it. In addition, they need to develop their small motor skills before they hold a pencil. Activities that prepare them for this are playing with playdough, using tongs to pick up small items, dressing up with button-on shirts, and finger painting to name a few. Their muscles develop while they are developing social skills and interacting with their peers. 

Please be assured that just because your child is not bringing completed worksheets home at the end of the day does not mean he is not learning at school. This is the time for him to establish a foundation of skills that will make him a great reader and writer in his future years.

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