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Assignment #1 Example
***For purposes of an example, this topic is used. However, the topic is one of those on
the list that cannot be completed.***
The topic I chose was obesity in children. Here are some ideas I developed
surrounding the types of claims learned in class:
Claim of fact: Obesity is rates have climbed in the last five years.
Claim of definition: Obesity is an epidemic (The term “epidemic” is the word to
be defined).
Claim of cause: Although many sources might lead to the increase of obesity in
children, parents are the ultimate cause of overweight children.
Claim of value: A healthy diet is better at reducing weight than exercise.
Claim of policy: Since parents are the cause of obese children, parents should be
required to be instructed on proper nutrition.
Based on these claims, I think I will try to develop a a claim of policy as the
major claim and a claim of cause and a claim of fact as the minor claims.. It has often
been argued that video games, or junk food availability at school is the true cause but I
will be trying to prove otherwise. I will show how they play a minimum role in obesity in
children but how most importantly that they wouldn’t if parents used proper skills to
teach children healthy eating habits, and physical activity. I believe that there are false
beliefs to the idea of removing junk food (candies, chips, sodas, etc.) from the school
campuses. I also believe that parents take obesity lightly and therefore are not doing their
part to stop it. I will be using the classical model of argument to show the causes, and
consequences of childhood obesity. The major claim I will be attempting to prove is that
parents are the main source of obesity.
Assignment #1 Example
***For purposes of an example, this topic is used. However, the topic is one of those on
the list that cannot be completed.***
Outline: Classical Model
I. Introduction
A. Statement of Background
II. Proposition
III. Proof
IV. Refutation
V. Conclusion
I. Introduction
A. The facts regarding childhood obesity. (Claim of fact)
B. Different sources stating what childhood obesity is (Claim of definition).
II. Proposition: Parents should be required to complete a diet and nutrition course to
prevent childhood obesity.
III. Parental Control
A. Meals consumed at home vs. Meals consumed at school
a. breakfast and dinner
b. lunch
i. Although students eat in cafeteria, the lunch provided by
school is changing in terms of its nutritional value (polices from
the government and other initiatives- No junk-food in public
school campuses.)
ii. Parents can pack healtier lunches
a. [Locate magazine articles about the types of lunches parents pack which
can be made healtier
B. Other means of Control
a. Exercise
b. Modeling healthy eating habits
c. Modeling proper health activities
d. Providing positive self-esteem for children
IV. Belief of other causes of Childhood obesity (Refutation)
A. The entertainment of today (video consoles, technological devices)
B. The availability of junk food
C. The cost of nutritious food
a. Value of fast food and amount of food purchased ( ex. buffet vs. home)
b. Healthy food’s cost in relation to other unhealthy food
i. Example of cost of making hamburgers vs. buying them
D. Economic status affects obesity-not something parents can readily fix
a. Statistics show-less financially stable a child’s family is, the greater
chance of the child being obese.
Assignment #1 Example
***For purposes of an example, this topic is used. However, the topic is one of those on
the list that cannot be completed.***
b. Statistics show poor families have worst diets and least physical activity
c. Cost of healthy food does not allow poor people to purchase it.
E. Short-term and long-term effects childhood obesity require children to
establish healthy habits
a. [Find information about parental influences on children vs. outside
b. [Find information about short-term effects]
i. Impact of diet on school
c. [Find information about long-term effects]
i. Impact of diet on adult-types of diseases
a. high cholesterol
b. diabetes
c. clogged arteries
d. sleep apnea
F. Parents direct correlation to children’s obesity.
a. Parents not reprimanding overeating children.
b. Parents not enforcing physical activity.
c. Parents not being home to prepare healthy meals.
d. Working and single parents serve fast food to escape from cooking.
V. Conclusion: Policies inducted because of childhood obesity.
A. Establish why a policy at the government level is ineffective
B. Establish how a policy can be implemented at the parental level
C. Establish why something must be done soon.
Assignment #1 Example
***For purposes of an example, this topic is used. However, the topic is one of those on
the list that cannot be completed.***
Annotated Bibliography
Levine, J. & Bine, L. (1996). Helping your child lose weight: A family approach to weight
Control. New York, NY: Carol Publishing Group.
Levine, Judith, and Linda Bine. Helping Your Child Lose Weight: A Family Approach to
Weight Control. New York: Carol Publishing Group, 1996.
This source gives information on how the family affects a child’s weight. Judith Levine is
an R.D., M.S. (registered dietician with 20 years of experience). She is also a consultant for the
American Heart Association, and has provided counseling for weight loss to children and
adults. Linda Bine is a senior editor for one of the largest maintenance organizations and has
been a health and medical writer for 15 years. I think this source is perfect support to show
how parents can prevent and stop obesity in children. It also attempts to show how the whole
family is accountable for a child’s weight.
Simmons, R. (Ed.). (2003). Obesity: etiology, assessment, treatment, and prevention.
Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers, 2003.
Simmons, Richard. Obesity: Etiology, Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention. Champaign:
Human Kinetics Publishers, 2003.
The editor of this source has a PhD. from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and
gets all of his material from accredited authors with PhDs as well. This source provides
graphs, factual evidence, and statistics regarding obesity. This source takes a psychosocial
approach to the correlation of obesity that I can use to show the opposition’s view of my
claims. It also has an interesting perspective on the genetic influence of obesity that could help
strengthen my claim that parents are responsible for childhood obesity.
Assignment #1 Example
***For purposes of an example, this topic is used. However, the topic is one of those on
the list that cannot be completed.***
Wexler, B. (2005). Weight in America: Obesity, eating disorders, and other health risks.
Houston, TX: Thomson Gale.
Wexler, Barbara. Weight in America: Obesity, Eating Disorders, and Other Health Risks.
Texas: Thomson Gale, 2005.
This source discusses the weight issues amongst children, treatment, the role of
economics in obesity, issues regarding obesity, and prevention. Most importantly this source is
full of statistics, surveys, polls, and facts regarding obesity. This source will be very useful to
support my claims of fact throughout the paper.
Gollust, S. E., Niederdeppe, J., & Barry, C. L. (2013). Framing the consequences of
childhood obesity to increase public support for obesity prevention policy.
American Journal Of Public Health, 103(11), e96-e102.
Gollust, Sarah E., Jeff Niederdeppe, and Colleen L. Barry. “Framing The Consequences
Of Childhood Obesity To Increase Public Support For Obesity Prevention
Policy.” American Journal Of Public Health 103.11 (2013): e96-e102. Business
Source Complete. Web. 16 Mar. 2014.
The researchers looked at the effects of messages of childhood obesity in relation
to policies related to prevention. This source is excellent as it provides logos in the form
of data to see the strength of messages in terms of why the government should take action
in childhood obesity. The researchers found that the public is sensing strong justification
for a prevention policy.
Assignment #1 Example
***For purposes of an example, this topic is used. However, the topic is one of those on
the list that cannot be completed.***
Phillips, F. (2012). Facing up to childhood obesity. Practice Nurse, 42(11), 14-17.
Phillips, Frankie. “Facing Up To Childhood Obesity.” Practice Nurse 42.11 (2012): 1417. Business Source Complete. Web. 16 Mar. 2014.
Although the research is focused on Great Britain, the projection of overweight
and obese children shows that a high number of children, even in another country will be
massive. This article might be good to support the claim of cause and ideas related to the
food choices, sedentary living, and decisions made by parents and children as well as the
health, social and psychological consequences.

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