SOLUTION: ECON 2500W University of Connecticut Impact of COVID 19 on Sports Essay

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The impact of Covid-19 on sports
Nick Rich
Writing in Economics
University of Connecticut
September 27, 2020
The impact of Covid-19 on sports
Covid-19 is placing a heavy toll on every aspect of life. Many businesses have had to
close down in compliance with the government’s directives and instructions from health
organizations, and, as a result, people have lost jobs. The social distancing guidelines and the
fear that the disease instils in people have disrupted peoples’ social lives. The pandemic has put
pressure on health facilities, sending governments into a frenzy regarding funding. Some
observers say that things will never be the same again, especially considering the possibility that
the Covid-19 virus may linger for years on end. The sports industry is one of the hard-hit because
of the suspension that sporting activities have had to endure, the lack of fans in stadia, and the
economic burden of conducting Covid-19 tests on athletes every often.
Purpose of the Study
The sports industry is enormous, supporting millions of lives directly and indirectly
throughout the world. In the US, for instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about
19% percent of Americans involve themselves in sporting activities every year. Dozens of other
industries, including the hospitality industry, sports apparel and equipment industry, gambling,
marketing, and travel, also depend on sporting activities. As such, there is an urgent need to
comprehend the economic impact of Covid-19, given what is at stake. The study will quantify
the pandemic’s economic impact, thereby allowing governments and economists to develop a
financial recovery initiative to support the billions of people affected.
Literature Review
Parnell et al. (2020) examine Covid-19’s social and economic impact, particularly
following the widespread bans on social gatherings to contain the spread. Their research
stimulates a discussion on how the pandemic will affect the sporting industry, and it will be a
great starting point for the current study. Corsini et al. (2020) examine the possibility of
restarting normal sporting activities. They draw upon the Italian experience to show that normal
sporting activities may not resume anytime soon. The study will help develop an economic
theory to explain Covid-19’s impact on sports. According to Drewes et al. (2020), governments
worldwide are fast-attempting to rescue firms from Covid-19, but they pay little attention to
sporting activities. Drewes et al. (2020) show how governments have neglected sports, and their
argument will form the basis for the current study. Sports contribute a significant percentage on
economies’ GDP, meaning the impacts on sporting activities will have ripple effects throughout
world economies. The pandemic has also affected scheduled sporting activities, as Gallego et al.
(2020) explain. Many scheduled activities have been canceled or postponed, and it will be
interesting to see how these developments will affect the entire sporting fraternity.
Research Hypotheses
The study uses the following hypotheses:
1. Sports have a significant contribution to the economy
2. Covid-19 will continue to interrupt sporting activities, including scheduling, marketing,
and fans
3. The pandemic places a substantial economic burden on sports clubs and personnel
Methods and Procedures
The study will include a literature review and analysis, building on the economic theories
that explain Covid-19’s impact on sports The study will also survey related industries, such as
sporting apparel companies, the media, and other support industries. Also, an economic analysis
showing the contribution of sporting activities to the economy will be vital.
The pandemic’s economic impact on sports will be subjective and relative because it is
impossible to measure how it affects everyone. Also, the surveys’ results will be estimates since
people may not be willing to disclose how the pandemic has affected their earnings.
Corsini, A., Bisciotti, G. N., Eirale, C., & Volpi, P. (2020). Football cannot restart soon during
the COVID-19 emergency! A critical perspective from the Italian experience and a call
for action.
Drewes, M., Daumann, F., & Follert, F. (2020). Exploring the sports economic impact of
COVID-19 on professional soccer. Soccer & Society, 1-13.
Gallego, V., Nishiura, H., Sah, R., & Rodriguez-Morales, A. J. (2020). The COVID-19 outbreak
and implications for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Travel Medicine and
Infectious Disease.
Ludvigsen, J. A. L., & Hayton, J. W. (2020). Toward COVID-19 secure events: Considerations
for organizing the safe resumption of major sporting events. Managing Sport and
Leisure, 1-11.
Mohr, M., Nassis, G. P., Brito, J., Randers, M. B., Castagna, C., Parnell, D., & Krustrup, P.
(2020). Return to elite football after the COVID-19 lockdown. Managing Sport and
Leisure, 1-9.
Nicola, M., Alsafi, Z., Sohrabi, C., Kerwan, A., Al-Jabir, A., Iosifidis, C., … & Agha, R. (2020).
The socio-economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19): A
review. International journal of surgery (London, England), 78, 185.
Parnell, D., Widdop, P., Bond, A., & Wilson, R. (2020). COVID-19, networks and
sport. Managing Sport and Leisure, 1-7.
Grading Rubric
The rubric below names and describes some key traits of academic essays. A grade of 3 is average and is equivalent to a score of 80
out of 100 (5=100, 4=90, 3=80, 2=70, 1=60, 0=0).
Relevance &
5 points
The text grapples with an
issue ripe for analysis or
debate and responds with
insight. The writer clearly
understands the
demonstrates a sure grasp
of the readings and
contextual issues in play,
and makes a perceptive
contribution to the
intellectual conversation
on the
matter. Exceptional
essays reveal a creative
and critical mind at work;
they move readers from
the known to the new;
they often take risks.
4 points
The text voices a
thoughtful response to
the assignment, going
standard expectations.
The writer motivates
readers to care about
the issues at hand
and asserts a focused,
and convincing claim.
3 points
The text
responds competently
to the assignment,
making a
viable claim. The
writer has something
at stake and shows
promising analytical,
and rhetorical
1 or 2 points
The text responds
adequately to the
and advances a
but unambitious
claim. The
thesis may be
limited, muddy
or scattered, but the
purpose and
relevance of the
piece are still
0 points
The text may
be inappropriate to
the assignment,
scant understanding
of readings
and contextual
or seem adrift. The
central claim
may be too obvious
or too odd
to motivate the
intended audience
to care about it.
Development The writer marshals
complete and
compelling evidence to
support claims and
amplify key points. The
text uses primary texts,
reliable secondary
sources, relevant data,
and telling details as
appropriate to the nature
and scope of the
assignment. The writer
creates common ground
with the audience and
anticipates alternate
perspectives and
Arrangement The arrangement
complements the purpose
and development of the
piece. The writer
shepherds readers
through the text by
making the organization
evident, delivering
information as needed,
and clearly signaling
sources, turns
and transitions. The
writer employs
structural conventions
appropriate to the
The writer selects
and deploys evidence
The supporting details
deepen the argument or
narrative, drawing in
readers. The text
builds momentum:
readers nod
in affirmation as they
move through the
The writer includes
enough evidence to
make a competent
case. The text moves
well between
and particulars.
When required,
sources cited
are reliable and
The quality and
quantity of support
is adequate, but
at times runs thin.
The essay needs
more flesh on
the bones. Some
evidence may be
or suspect.
The text may be
either too skimpy or
bloated. Evidence
may be
missing, incomplete
, inappropriate
or unreliable.
and supporting
material may
be mis–matched.
The arrangement is
thoughtful and logical.
The writer
respects conventions
appropriate to the genre
and supplies helpful
cues for navigating the
text (intro, forecasting,
signal phrases for
sources, etc.). Readers
never feel lost.
The structure fits
the assignment and
purpose reasonably
The arrangement is
typical for the genre
but doesn’t go out of
its way to
help readers.
Structure is
discernible but only
effective. The reade
r’s needs are not
taken into
consideration. The
line of development
may wander too
much; readers may
feel temporarily
lost or confused.
The organization
is haphazard,
showing a disregard
for logic
or convention. The
arrangement reveals
consideration for
the needs of
Editing &
assigned genre but
innovates as needed.
The prose strikes readers
as effective and eloquent.
Sentence structures are
complex and varied; the
rhythm is paced;
transitions are fluid; the
sounds resonate. The
writer adopts
an audience–appropriate
stance while projecting
a distinctive voice.
The writer seamlessly
employs effective
strategies for grammar,
syntax, usage, word
choice, and attribution of
sources. The editing is
calibrated to the intended
audience and
the purpose, meaning and
style of the text.
The prose is controlled
and economical,
featuring purposeful
transitions and some
vibrant passages.
The writer shows
The prose is
generally controlled.
and paragraphs
cohere; the transitions
are serviceable; the
diction is
audience appropriate.
The prose is
readable but may be
flat, repetitive,
choppy, wordy, or
bureaucratic. Some
passages may strike
the audience as
The style alienates
the writer from the
Sentences may be
so tangled that
they obscure
Surface features
and conventions meet
audience expectations.
Text is edited fairly
cleanly but may
include a few minor
lapses, typos, awkward
or inconsistencies.
Text is reasonably
well edited but
features some distract
ing errors
(odd phrasing,
flawed punctuation,
faulty parallelism,
dangling modifiers,
Text is readable but
reveals a few
problem (fragments
, run–ons, lack
of subject–verb
agreement, etc.) or
frequent minor
errors. Non–
source documentati
on may prevail.
More than 3 or 4
serious problems—
or a constellation of
minor errors—
emerge on each
page. Surface
problems impede
or frustrate readers.
Source attribution
may be missing
or seriously flawed.

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