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Classical ideology about marriage in media
Marriage in every society is highly regarded. For instance, marriage is an integral part of
the American culture, and other nations across the world have a higher degree of marriage
promotions than the US. Unfortunately, about 39% of American marriages end in divorce,
according to the marriage and Dirce data by the Center for disease control and prevention (CDC
2020). According to the CDC report document, the US’s marital status rate was six points five
per a total population of a thousand with a divorce rate of two points nine per a thousand in a
community (Chokr, 2017). The most important question would be, is it moral to get a divorce?
And in line with the Marriage Story, does ethical egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, ethical
relativism, and virtue ethics support divorce? Even though others see divorce as permissible
morality, marital vows have not generated unique moral commitment and obligations to begin.
Making promises in marriage often develop oral duties, and when disappointed, most marriage
partners seek divorce. Thus as evident in Story about Marriage, a film directed and written by
Noah Baumbach in 2019, divorce is a barrier to a progressive society.
Ethical relativism
Ethical relativism is silent on the morality of divorce and often makes the individual
behave as per the moral fabrics unique to a society. Ethical relativism is a hypothesis that states
that character is associated with the norms of an individual’s culture. Thus, whether a moral
action of examples is wrong or right depends on the given culture (Viola & Verheul, 2019).
American culture that supports divorce in marriage has broken down. For instance, in the
Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, killing thousands of civilians in Hiroshima was morally
inappropriate but ending war soon through such action was ethically right. Hence, one should use
the general rules that help us clarify the story as ethically good or wrong to promote the moral



principles that individuals should abide by in society (Chokr, 2017).

For instance, in the

Marriage Story, Nicole, a wife to Charlie Barber and mother to Henry, confirms and believes
that it is the right time to file for a divorce is citing unfulfilled promised by the husband.
However, in the Philippines, marriage’s sanctity is held high, and couples are not grated divorce.
Hence, according to ethical relativism, the word relative points that belief is a function of or
dependent on what the society or individuals do or believe. American culture advises that a
divorce should be a legal separation and a peaceful process that promotes families’ continuity.
Ethical Egoism
Ethical egoism supports the marriage partners’ decision without considering moral
standards or any cultural beliefs. The moral egoism concept holds the view that an individual
ought to pursue self-actualization and self-interest. Ethical egoism often challenges the
sentiments of many people’s emotions regarding morality. For instance, in the Hobbes (School
of life) Video, ‘how to be selfish’ selfish individual has no higher motive in mind to use their
skills or energy to help other people (Boudreau et al. 2019). Hence, a divorce would equally
thrive on negative selfishness. We seldom think or believe that desires are always attached to
morality entirely. However, ethical egoism tells us that we should pursue something that is of
self-interest. Hence, in ethical egoism, self-interest is the only one ultimate principle of conduct
for an individual (Park & Rim, 2019). Nicole believes that someone else can fulfil the same
promised that Charlie Barber is unable to complete in the Marriage story. In Charlie and Nicole’s
divorce, no one has an interest in the child they have, and they are busy seeking to have other
partners. Nicole and Charlie’s divorce is similar to my best friend’s divorce. Mary’s “not real
name” is under depression since her four-year-old husband asked her for a divorce. The husband
said he had found a woman ready to play the wife’s roles better than Marry. Hence, divorce,



where self-interest is the motivating factor, maybe beyond repair. In marriages that last, every
partner has the interest of the other, including children, and everyone is working towards the
Utilitarianism is one ethical theory that supports the sanctity of marriage. The utilitarian
is a major proper perspective that is significant when deciding on divorce decisions that include
children and marriage. Utilitarianism theory purports that the essence and role of morality among
human beings is to transform lives through inclement of the number of valuable things like
gladness and pleasure in the world but decrease the number of undesirable things like pain or
unhappiness (Chokr, 2017). When one causes pain to the other, the outcome will be unhappiness
and suffering while the cause experiences peace of mind or is not in danger. An individual who
promotes harm to society is seen as both selfish and immoral in his or her actions. According to
the Utilitarian principle, happiness or pleasure is viewed as the only thing that promotes intrinsic
value (Park & Rim, 2019). An object or an individual has an inherent value whe…

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