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Module: Surviving College

Grossmont College ESL

Name: ___________________________
Ted Talk: “The boost students need to overcome obstacles”
Anindya Kundu

A. Before you watch: Discuss the following questions with another student in the class.
1. What’s Grit?
Grit is the combination of persistency and resilience. It is the element that helps you
succeed in life.

2. Give an example of a time when your own grit helped you to be successful.
When I was younger, I was very bad at mathematics. I would always be at the bottom
positions of class when the results came out. One day I realized that if this goes on, I
will be dropped from my class into a lower class. This made me realize that I must
work harder in order to stay up with the rest of my classmates. I guess it was grit
which made me successful because at the end of the year, I was among the top 3 of
the class.
3. Have you or anyone you know ever felt like an outcast or like you didn’t belong?
When all of the class was good at mathematics and I was the only one falling behind,
not understanding anything and failing, I felt like an outcast.
B1. Vocabulary: Use the vocabulary flashcards on Quizlet to learn and practice the vocabulary. Then answer the following
1. When I was in high school, I felt like an outcast. I didn’t have any friends and I felt very lonely and
different from everyone else. An “outcast” is:
a. an actor
b. a student
c. a person who feels that they don’t belong
d. someone who likes be be outdoors

2. Sam moved to Los Angeles with his family. He used to be a good kid, but he fell in with the
wrong crowd and did some bad things. “Fall in with the wrong crowd” means:
e. to be friends with people who do dangerous things or commit crimes
f. to be injured
g. to get sick
h. to be in a crowded place
by Brittany Zemlick


Module: Surviving College

Grossmont College ESL

3. Sam was arrested for armed robbery. The police took him to jail because he tried to steal a lot of
money. He and his friends had guns. “Arrested” means:
a. to stop
b. to go to jail for a crime
c. to ask the police for help
d. to have a party
4. “Armed robbery” means:
a. using your body to hurt someone
b. use guns or knives when you steal something
c. asking nicely for something
d. being friends with the wrong people
5. John stole a car and now he’s in prison with other detainees. A “detainee” is:
a. people who are in prison for doing a crime
b. all bad people
c. care salesmen
d. businessmen

6. Heroine addiction is a very serious drug addiction. People who are addicted to heroine often die,
but it’s very difficult for them to stop using that drug.
“To be addicted to something” means;
a. to die
b. to get a cold
c. to want or need to use drugs or alcohol all the time
d. to stop using drugs
7. It’s not healthy for people to be isolated. We need to spend time with friends and family. “Feeling
Isolated” means:
a. feeling lonely
b. having an illness
c. being healthy
d. spending time with friends and family

8. A lot of people are drawn to the ocean. They like to spend time near the water, but they might not
know why they like it. “To be drawn to something” means:
a. to be confused
b. to spend time near something
c. to hate something
d. to like or be interested in something

by Brittany Zemlick


Module: Surviving College

Grossmont College ESL

9. I was raised by my parents in San Diego, but I’ve lived in many different countries as an adult. “To
raise a child” means:
a. to take care of a child while they grow
b. to travel
c. to have a baby
d. to live in many places

10. There are a lot of problems with the prison system; there are a lot of people who go to prison for a
long time for very small crimes and it’s really not fair. That’s why I want to help with prison reform.
“Prison reform” is:
a. serious crimes
b. small crimes
c. working to improve life for people who are in jail
d. putting people in jail because they’ve done something wrong

11. I went to England for Christmas to see my extended family. I went for walks and had meals with
all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Your “extended family” includes:
a. your mom, and dad
b. your brothers and sisters
c. aunts, uncles and cousins
d. friends
12. My brother dropped out of school when he was 16 years old. Now it’s difficult for him to get a job
because he doesn’t have an education. “Drop out” means:
a. to stop going to school
b. to get a job
c. to spend time with friends
d. to get an education

13. I was depressed after my grandfather died, but I threw myself into my work and tried to forget
about it. “To throw yourself into something” means:
a. to make friends
b. to do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm
c. to be depressed
d. to get a job

14. The government is working on a strategy to help homeless people find work and a place to live.
It’s going to take some time, but I think it’s going to work. “A strategy” is:
a. government work
b. homeless people
c. a job
d. a careful plan developed over time

by Brittany Zemlick


Module: Surviving College

Grossmont College ESL

15. John is lucky to have a job because he’s a formerly incarcerated person. Employers often don’t
like to hire people who have been in jail previously. “A formerly incarcerated” person is:
a. someone who can’t get a job
b. an employer
c. someone who is in jail
d. someone who was in jail before but is now free
16. My uncle has to go to a clinic for kidney dialysis twice a week because his kidneys are failing.
“Dialysis” is:
a. the process of cleaning a person’s blood and returning it to their body
b. a kind of surgery
c. being ill because of eating unhealthy food
d. having an illness
17. My friend works for a nonprofit called “Doctors Without Borders.” The company helps people
who are injured or ill because of war or other serious problems. “A nonprofit” is:
a. a hospital
b. a serious problem
c. a company that tries to help people but doesn’t make any money
d. a group of rich people
18. My father we…

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