SOLUTION: HLTH 410 ULL Trial of Prenatal Fatty Acid Supplementation Article Discussion

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Hlth 410
Assignment #3 – Article Review on Chosen Special Topic
Worth – 52 points
Due – Check calendar
Assignment Requirements:
1. Assignment is a TurnItIn writing assignment. Upload your document successfully to complete your
2. This is not a research paper, this is an article review (like a book report) on one chosen article from
another country that is a Randomized-Control Trial (the researchers find a sample of people in need,
pre-tests them, implements a program/intervention/treatment, surveys the people post-test to see if
there was a change, then researchers explain the results, the study’s limitations, and their
recommendations for better programs in the future). An article that just uses a questionnaire or
surveys people is NOT ACCEPTABLE
3. In order to avoid spelling errors, create the assignment in Microsoft Word
4. Paper requirements:
• Document must be:
o Times New Roman
o 12 font
o Double spaced
o Margins set to 1 inch on all sides (reset your Word default to be 1 inch, not 1.25 inches)
o No more than one line total for the header at the top of the page (name, date, class,
assignment #), must also be in Times New Roman font
o No extra spacing between paragraphs, lines, titles, etc., so set your default to in Format ->
Paragraph -> Spacing -> Before: 0, After: 0 double spacing
• Save your document with “Name Assignment #” (EXAMPLE: LaPointe Assignment #4)
• Assignment must be well organized and include:
o Thoughtful introduction with a thesis sentence
o Paragraphs making up the body of the paper that address the questions (no extra spaces
between paragraphs)
o Strong conclusion paragraph to summarize the major themes of the paper
• Errors in spelling and grammar will result in a loss of 1 point each
5. Create at minimum a FULL three page document of text (can be longer), with full references on the
fourth page with Your Name, Class (HLTH410), and Assignment # in the header. Use the “insert
header” feature.
6. Use APA citations in-text like (CDC, 2012) and their full and formal citations on a separate/final page
titled “References”
(Again: Assignment must be at least three complete pages and include a separate final page to list references;
creative formatting will not be accepted)
1. Choose one of the following topic areas to study, must be a program abroad:
o Eradicating Diseases (such as Guinea Worm)
o Preventing HIV/AIDS and STIs, Contraception, or Condom Negotiation abroad
o Mental Health Illness, Treatment, Services, or Stigma
o Global Health Care/Insurance Comparisons or Non-Biased/Fact-based Affordable Care Act
Comparison to other countries’ systems
o Prenatal Care, Low Birth Weights, or Maternal Mortality abroad
o Domestic Violence abroad
o Topic of your choice approved by instructor (email me at least one week prior to deadline to
receive permission)
Find one credible* journal article:
o That was published no earlier than the year 2010
o That was found through the UL library’s website link to reputable databases:
o That studies one health program that addresses one area of the topic you chose from above
Must be able to read the full article, not just the abstract
Read the article and respond to each question or prompt fully in paragraph form (do not retype question
in paper but rather use a traditional style of introduction, body, conclusion):
a. What is the name of the article?
b. Who are the authors?
c. What journal was it published in and what year?
d. Describe the disease/issue being studied in the article (how is it contracted, what are the
symptoms/signs, etc.)
e. What is the impact of the disease/issue (i.e. how many people are affected)?
f. How does it affect global health specifically? (“It affects global health because…”)
g. How it is the issue treated or cured?
h. In the article, which geographic area is directly affected?
i. From what city or region are the participants of the study selected?
j. In this study, how many people were chosen to participate in the one specific study? (i.e. sample
size, n=?)
k. Using the article’s methods section, provide an overview of what program or intervention was/is
being used
l. What is the cost of the program?
m. Was/is the program successful? (What determines that success? Lower incidence/prevalence
n. Describe the program’s success in detail
o. What numerical data do the researchers see illustrating the program’s success?
p. What are the limitations of the study that, if changed, would directly impact the results?
q. Why is this program important?
r. If cost were not an issue, what could be done (think of policy, law, funding) to improve the
program to better improve global health?
s. In a full paragraph, describe a local organization in our area that is similar in addressing the
topic and how (i.e. If your topic is mental health, is there a program at UL that helps students
gain access to services and how?)
Do not copy and paste. You must use APA citations within your text (in-text citations) and create a
reference page (end-of-text citations)
After uploading to TurnItIn, open your document to make sure that your paper has fully uploaded and
that your Originality Report is very low. Please make any changes to your uploaded document as many
times as necessary until the deadline. Failing to upload the document successfully (and checking by
downloading and re-opening the paper) prior to the deadline will result in a 0
It is the student’s responsibility to confirm the successful upload or post of your paper or forum before
the deadline. Please check your work immediately after uploading by re-downloading and opening your
uploaded document to make sure all pages uploaded successfully.
Grading Rubric
Assignment #4
Followed instructions (length, formatting, uploaded correctly, etc.)
Used APA citations correctly
Provided clear informative discussion exhibiting critical thinking concerning the study
Answered questions A through S fully and clearly for a study abroad
Points deducted for each Spelling and Grammatical error
*Credible means that the article was found from a respected journal or database (.gov, .edu), not Wikipedia or
other questionable online website
Hi Hlth 410 students,
This message is a reminder that Assignment #3 requires you to “find a credible journal article (look
through to “respond to each question or prompt fully.”
Through this link, please find one research article of a randomized-control trial on the chosen subject (the
directions include the subjects).
To verify that the article answers the questions listed in the directions, you will want to look at the Methods
section to make sure the article fits this assignment’s requirements. For example, let us say that you find an
article on STIs and you see in the Methods section that the researchers saw there was a high rate of STIs in
Thailand, so they designed an intervention such as a condom negotiation course to offer those male and female
Thai participants a sense of understanding and empowerment in condom usage to practice safe sex. These
participants are pre-tested for sexual health knowledge, the health education course on condom usage is given,
and then the researchers survey the same participants post-intervention and the researchers see an improvement
in condom usage (or at least reporting of such)…that would be a fitting article.
An article that is unacceptable (and will not be given points) is one that is just researchers using a questionnaire
or survey to ask a large group of people questions about their health behaviors.
The paper you write must focus on one journal article’s program, but can have additional credible sources to
help support the topic. Please consider visiting PubMed or the EBSCO link above to find one article on your
topic that includes a program/intervention that the researchers implemented and evaluated related to your topic.
I apologize for being repetitious but sometimes there is confusion here. For example, if you are interested in
choosing the topic on Domestic Violence Abroad, then Google-searching a shelter or program in Thailand is not
acceptable. You must use a published article from a medical/health journal. A good example of an acceptable
source is “Mental health services for children exposed to armed conflict: Médecins Sans Frontières’ experience
in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territory” published in the Pediatrics
and International Child Health journal. This article is ideal because it is a study to explore the effectiveness of a
mental health program offered to children and adolescents residing in armed conflict zones. (Note that this
article cannot be used in your assignment since you all can receive practice as independent scientific
researchers, I have no doubt that you will be able to find something similar).
If you are having trouble finding the full article for download, remember that the e-database through the Dupree
Library is the best option for free journals. Just follow these steps:

Go to or (see screenshot below)
Before searching, click on the following boxes:
o Full Text
o Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals
Then, complete a Keyword Search with your chosen topic (such as “Domestic Violence”) and then when
looking through the list, remember that the study must have been completed abroad, must be recent, and
must be an article studying the effectiveness of that program
Then find your preferred article and click “PDF Full Text”
Remember to find one article that can answer all of Assignment #3 criteria and questions for your approved
topic that must be based in another country. You can use additional resources to answer your background
portion of the paper.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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