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Essay Rubric


For this assignment, you will write a literary analysis on Beowulf, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Book of Job, or The Ramayana. Write either an essay that is a close reading of one of the works from the textbooks for the course that you have read thus far. The close reading will include a thorough analysis of something specific you have found to interpret one aspect of the text through an analysis using a particular literary device, such as a thematic pattern, a motif, symbolism, or characterization etc. that will lead you to reach one original interpretation of the purpose of the work from your perspective. This is to be supported with citations from the text to prove your own original claims. Focus on solving an issue you have found within the text and solve the issue through a historically based lens focusing on the context of the work in connection to the genre. It is only required that you cite from the literary work for this assignment.


A close reading of the work will focus on defining one specific literary device that can be used as a lens to evoke a symbolic meaning within the context of the purpose of the work. These literary devices include, but are not limited to specific aspects of the plot, mood, tone, themes, style, and historical context, characterization, distinguishing components that define the genre, imagery, themes, and motifs. When writing about the plot, you can focus on suspense through foreshadowing as to how the work will end, how the characters contribute to the plot, and solve a specific problem within the plot. What could the characters have done to change the ending, or the circumstances? How do their roles define this interpretation of the plot from your point of view? When analyzing the characterization, you can write about what literary elements used in the work that captures the traits of the epic hero. What defines the protagonist within the context of the genre and the historical elements within the plot? How does the work compare and contrast to another in the genre? Compare and contrast works that are similar, yet contrast. When analyzing the imagery in the text, focus on symbolic metaphors, allegory, personifications, similes that contribute to defining an original interpretation of the plot. When analyzing the story based on themes, look for specific patterns in the plot, as well as the stylistic devices that the author uses to define the tone and mood in the language they use to present an interpretation of the work. For a textual analysis, you will need to have your own original claims that argue a point you are making with specific quotes from the work that supports your interpretation. You will only need the text used for the close reading to cite.


You will need to write a detailed close reading of the work that is at least three to four pages of analysis. You will need an introduction that includes an intriguing topic sentence that presents an overview of the purpose of the paper, the background context of the work, the issue you will be focusing in on, and your answer to your question about a specific aspect of the work that poses a debatable interpretation that you will respond to with your own idea in a clear thesis statement. Each paragraph will be focused in on one main idea that you will be arguing to prove how you can interpret the text from your point of view.

The body paragraphs will begin with a transition sentence that connects that main idea in the last paragraph to the present. Then, you will present your own original claim based on rhetorical modes of analyzing and classical logic. You will, then, use a quote or a paraphrase from the text that will be used to prove your point. You will, then, explain what the quote means and use rhetorical modes of analyzing to explain how it proves your point. You can use specific language from the quote itself to prove your point. Analyze the language the author uses to prove your point as to examine the style of the work. You will then repeat this cycle until you reach the conclusion. The conclusion sentence will explain how the paragraph proves your thesis. You will, then, document each quote in MLA format. Introduce the author and the work and cite with a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence. For a poem, state the poem and the title when introducing the work, then cite the line number(s) in brackets at the end of the sentence. The citation is as follows: (line number). Always lead into the quote by stating which character is speaking and the context of what is going on in the plot. You will need at least six to seven sentences minimum per paragraph. Paragraphs that are half a page are acceptable, but they are not if they reach three-fourths of the page. Be as thorough as possible. You will need a works cited page in MLA format.

You will, then, have a conclusion paragraph that will explain how your paper proved your point in detail. How did you prove your point in each paragraph? Explain the purpose of your paper in a greater context. Call to action and explain how your analysis of the work can be used to solve societal, historical, or other issues that are important in our world. Present an overview of the values that are presented in your interpretation and why they are meaningful.


Always write using formal diction. Address the audience, knowing that you have a specific purpose and goal you will achieve through your analysis. Use language that is appropriate for your audience. Define all of your terms. Present your claims as though they are known facts, since you are certain you can prove your point. Avoid any slang or jargon. Do not use the word “it.” Use specific language when you write. Do not use the first person. Think about your word choice in regards to the context of the topic. Be as descriptive as possible, while being as clear and concise as possible. All sentences should be complete, as there should be no fragments. Do not use run-on sentences. Vary your syntax between simple and complex sentences. All paragraphs and sentences should have ideas that connect together in a cohesive way. All paragraphs should be well developed and the ideas should be arranged in an organized way.

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